When We Were Apollo is a feature-length documentary exploring the enduring impact of the Apollo Space Program through the eyes of five extraordinary behind-the-scenes heroes who helped put a human being on the moon.  The film is scheduled for completion in time for the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing in July 2019.



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Unscripted Series


The United States of Nasty Women . In Development

It was supposed to be the year we finally shattered the glass ceiling. But a sharply split female electorate helped ensure that misogyny and sexism would live to see another day. In this 4×60’ docuseries, we watch as eight American women of opposing political, economic and cultural backgrounds explore the reasons behind their deepest and most visceral divisions, and what can be done to repair the rift.

 Short Form Documentary


Old Men Singing . Released Spring 2017

After losing touch for more than 50 years, a collegiate a cappella group reunites on campus to reminisce, settle old scores, and find out if they still have what it takes to perform together. This sweet film reminds us of the enduring power of music and the bonds of friendship it can inspire. From journalist and first-time director Mickey Rapkin (whose book ‘Pitch Perfect’ inspired the franchise) and director Zack Weil (founder and operator of Contact Light Films).

Educational Web Series


Statistics is boring—excuse us…was boring. In partnership with the Michelson 20MM Foundation and YayMath.org, we jazzed up the subject with a concept that blends statistics with ‘Sports Center’ style analysis. The result: ‘Stats Center.’  Find out more at www.statscenter.org and stay tuned for the full season.

Leadership Conference


‘Follow your dreams.’  ‘Ask for help.’  ‘Embrace discomfort.’ These are some of the lessons learned by high school students who attended the Hispanic Scholarship Fund’s annual Youth Leadership Institute – designed to give these young leaders the practical tools they need to successfully apply to top universities.

 Biographical Interview


Luz and Luis Miranda are the proud parents of Broadway musical star, Lin-Manuel Miranda.  But at this year’s Hispanic Scholarship Fund Alumni Hall of Fame Gala, they were the ones being honored—for their unwavering dedication and sacrifice so their children could achieve more in life.

 Company Overview


Seattle-based photographer, Matt Mornick, is a true throwback—shooting with a patience and intentionalism rarely seen today.  Scaling mountains in the California Sierra, he searches for a landscape to compliment his truly unique print medium.

 Docu-Style Tribute


Angelica Prieto and Antonio Ramirez emigrated from Mexico seeking better opportunities in the U.S.  They experienced many hardships—personal and financial—as they strived to establish themselves in their new country and raise six children. They were recognized at the 2016 Leaders in Education Awards gala for their passion and dedication to their children’s education and college careers.

 Event Overview


Every year, the Hispanic Scholarship Fund hosts its Alumni Hall of Fame gala, an event which recognizes HSF alumni, parents, and a corporate partner who demonstrate, through their outstanding actions, what it means to be truly committed to HSF’s core belief in the value of higher education.


“The universe is made up of stories, not of atoms.” – Muriel Rukeyser


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